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  • Training Video #1 is pleased to present its first online training video featuring 1996 Olympian Keith Brantly and Linda´s volunteer runners.

  • Training Video #2

    Keith Brantly instructs Linda’s volunteer runners on proper running techniques they will need to master before they lace up for Linda’s 4 Desert Mission.

  • Training Video #3

    Keith Brantly discusses the importance of proper running equipment - from shoes to heart rate monitors.

  • Desert Race Diet #1

    Expert nutritionist Bob Seebohar jumps on iChat with Linda and her volunteer runners to discuss their individual diets and how to eat right so they´re 4 Deserts ready...

  • Fuel For The 4

    Find Out What´s on Linda´s Plate? Bob Seebohar´s training video #2 explains foods that fuel.

  • Finish Line Diet

    Bob Seebohar chats proper diet and an on-going commitment to ingesting the right foods.

  • Rock Down To Electrolyte Avenue

    Expert Nutritionist Bob Seebohar stresses the importance of replenishing electrolytes.

  • Weight Training 1

    Linda´s Volunteers Feel the Burn with Jeff Fronk´s Circuit Weight Training Session

  • Weight Training 2

    Core Conditioning  - Part Two of Jeff Fronk´s Circuit Weight Training Session 

  • Cycling Training 1

    USAC Cycling Coach Jill Gass Demonstrates Cycling Basics

  • Cycling Training 2

    Jill Covers Essential Balance Moves for Regular Bike Exercises

  • Cycling Training 3

    Jill Dives into Cycling Techniques Used by the Pros