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4 Deserts Completed, But Still Dreaming Big

4 Deserts Completed, But Still Dreaming Big

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Well yesterday is over and our ship is heading back to Ushuaia.  The last course in Dorian Bay was absolutely spectacular. We again traversed a 2K loop but this time it was pretty much single file through knee deep snow which ultimately became somewhat packed down.  The scenery was amazing in every direction. Penguin rookeries spotted the land with the little inhabitants milling about proud to show off their beautiful home. Mountains of snow surrounded us and we were the backdrop of the course flanked by water below.  Once we climbed to the top we looked down onto what appeared to be a lake.  At one point a sailing ship was moored and coming down the hill were 4 individuals who had hiked (attached to each other with rope) back and were skiing.  And we thought our adventure was amazing - I can only imagine what their´s might have been like..possibly something to consider for future adventures ;)

I managed to complete 8 loops and was overcome with so much emotion on the last lap.  This has been such an emotional and spectacular year.  I will be writing a much more in-depth blog once I have time to truly absorb all that has taken place.  I do want to thank everyone who has sent me emails or responded to my blogs along the way as they are truly inspiration to keep going.  I absolutely could not have done it without all your encouragement.  And to my husband and family I am truly blessed to have you in my life.  All of you have always encouraged me to seek out my crazy and demanding as they´ve been…I love you all.  
Thank you Bob Seebohar, for without your guidance and training, I could not have performed at the level that I did. To Keith Brantly, thank you for working with all of our volunteer runners and helping to take them to a place that they didn’t even know they could reach.  And finally, to Generation UCAN. What can I say about a product that was developed out of love to keep a young boy alive and today is helping athletes go beyond their wildest imaginations, thank you for your vision!
Stay tuned for my last blog of the year.  Until then, I have Dreamed Big and accomplished big!


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