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Antarctic: Stage 3

Antarctic: Stage 3

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Well, I am finally thawed, fed and rested with a good night sleep.  Yesterday´s run was monotonous, to say the least, but I faired well.  We went from nice, cold weather to hot sunny weather to extremely cold harsh winds with snow.  The wind was blowing so hard that I could hardly stay upright (even with my poles).  I never stopped except to put on my spikes as it became mandatory for the icy downhill portion.  Running around and around a 1.5 mile loop then climbing and descending the one large hill took its toll on the legs.  My achilles was screaming by the end.

I managed to complete the 11 ½ hours.  The wind was blowing somewhere around 25 knots as we headed back to the ship and my body was shivering around the same speed.

It´s nice to be back on the boat.

This morning we are almost to Dorian Bay where we will run somewhere around 5:00 hours weather/snow permitting. We are watching killer whales breaking the surface of the water right along side the boat.  They feed on our poor little penguin friends but that is how nature works.  Fascinating to watch.

I’ll try to get my next blog up before they post everything, but if not, it will arrive the following day.  Hope that today is less cold but anticipating lots of snow and ice…Antarctica is majestic, even the second time around.
Keep forging on and Dreaming Big!


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