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Antarctica: Stage 2

Antarctica: Stage 2

Monday, November 22, 2010

Today’s run was postponed from a 6:00 am start to 10:00 am.  Weather here at this time of year is so unpredictable.  Snow had fallen however there was still quite a lot of mud to navigate through.  As I set off on the long part of our 15K loop I was feeling surprisingly strong.  Music was going, focus was there and all was good.  Then, when I made my way to the turnaround  towards the mandatory walk area, it grew darker and much colder.  We were all told that a storm was approaching and we must head back to the ship immediately.  We made it back for a much needed lunch.  I rested in my cabin, waiting for the clearance.  As we waited, we experienced one of the most spectacular snow storm I have ever witnessed.  This tundra, this place on the end of the world, is simply breathtaking.  Every picture you have ever seen becomes animated in white, reflective splendor.

We are now heading for Deception Island where we have been told that we will begin our run tomorrow at 6:00 am.  That means a 3:30 wake-up call as we board the zodiacs at 5:00 am.  This will be rather interesting as we are going to run a 2K course for 15 hours!

Yikes.  I can do this, right?  Yes.

I´m still enjoying myself, happy and so very proud that I will complete this 4 Desert mission.  I miss everyone at home!  I think about you all while I´m chugging along. When you read tomorrow’s blog, please forgive me if I am babbling, as it will be the direct result of the long day ahead and the cold, cold air in my lungs.


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