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Antarctica: Stage 1

Antarctica: Stage 1

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finally back on the boat and beginning to thaw out.  Today we started late because of the weather, which made for a very long day.  I woke up at 3:00 am, dressed and arranged everything to take with me.  Around 3:40 am we were informed over the speaker that the start was being postponed - so I went back to bed for a little more rest.  We finally boarded the zodiacs somewhere around 11:00 and started the race around 11:15/30am.  Even though I had run this course before, it was so much more different.  We had to run through deep snow with water underneath. Mud was so thick that just staying upright and keeping your shoes on was difficult.  To add even more of a challenge, they threw in plenty of hills and even more water.  I was also in such a hurry to begin that I forgot my little pack that holds all my snacks and music.  When I realized it I was given permission to retrieve it from my drop bag with a 15 minute penalty...small price to pay for arctic nourishment.
I was able to complete 3 laps, the equivalent to a marathon, so all in all I did okay.  Hoping tomorrow´s run will be a lot better and that I can update my blog with better news.

Thanks to everyone for sending such wonderful words of encouragement, please keep them coming as I truly draw my energy from them.  Will write again tomorrow, so until then, please keep Dreaming Big along with me....we can do this!

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