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Sahara Stage 4 (Completed!)

Sahara Stage 4 (Completed!)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

A great day for me and only one more very long day ahead.  I thought the terrain was quite soothing to look at; however we ran across some very deep sand.  A few climbs but coming down those dunes is so much fun.  I was able to run quite a bit more today so my confidence is back up. 

Yesterday neglected to stick to my nutrition plan and paid dearly for it. Lesson learned and today was diligently drinking my Generation UCAN.  Thanks to everyone at UCAN because it proved to me once again that by using it, ICAN finish this race!

Everyone else is back in and spirts are high.  So great to see everyone embrace the desert, the heat and the absolute joy of running in such a remote environment.  John, even though I just found out that he hates sand, is smiling!
You probably wont´t hear from me until the day after tomorrow as I will be running through the night checking out all the stars and making my wishes!
Until later, keep moving forward and dreaming big!

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