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Sahara Stage 3 (Completed!)

Sahara Stage 3 (Completed!)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Stage 3 complete but not without many challenges. This was supposed to be the most difficult day and it lived up to everything.  26 miles completely in soft sand with many more dunes than I care to remember.  I was out there much longer than I would have wanted but finished respectably.  Today was the first day that I can say that I truly saw the beauty of the Sahara.  It is absolutely magnificent. Tonight´s sunset was a sight to behold.  Kevin captured it on film so everyone will get a glimpse of its beauty once we post the video.
Patty struggled today with her feet, blisters that are extremely painful. I have so much respect for her and her will to keep going...she is running on pure determination. John and Michael are heading into home looking for some much needed rest. 

We are over the hump with only two more days to go.
I can not wait to see Randy´s smiling face in 3 days. Stay safe, keep smiling, you are always with me. I love you!
Until tomorrow, again keep moving forward and dreaming big!

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