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Sahara: Stage 1

Sahara: Stage 1

Monday, October 04, 2010

Well, today was not what I had anticipated.  Whatever could go wrong, went wrong.  To start, my pack was awkwardly stretched so everything kept  shifting to the right. Every time I ran, my back was pulled so there was more walking than I had planned to do.  The heat is brutal. So, onward for tomorrow. I came into camp somewhere around 6 hrs/45 mins.  Generation UCAN recovery drink was consumed, water, dinner eaten and two minor blisters fixed. 

I know that tomorrow will be a lot more managable now that some of the equipment issues have been rectified.  Our team had a very difficult day for their first day out here...but hoping with some sleep and nourishment tomorrow will be a better experience.  
For anyone from Caron reading this, please pass along to all the patients there that I am working very hard to muster up the energy, determination and belief in myself to conquer this desert.  Please remind them that they are my inspiration...because they as well, are working to regain themselves...together and with all the positive energy we can muster, we will succeed!
Thanks to everyone who has sent me words of encouragement, it really gets me through.  To my husband, children, daughter-in-laws, (yes, you as well Brian, my soon to be son-in-law) and my grandchildren - I love you all.  You guys are with me every step!
To forward motions and dreaming big!!!




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