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Gobi: Day 3

Gobi: Day 3

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ok, I can finally say it...I had a fantastic day.  It had rained during the night, so the conditions were cool and great for running.  Going through the river crossings, there were around six miles, was a blast.  In some points the current was so strong I had to join hands with three others to just get across before being swept away.  I took it very cautiously to checkpoint 1 (as the terrain was lined with rocky riverbeds).  I did not want a repeat my fall from yesterday.  Heading into checkpoint 2 we went up some great climbs. Some single track with more hard descents.  I was able to run a lot more today in various sections, which felt extremely good.  The legs really wanted to move so when the terrain opened up, I went for it!


The last section was long but relatively easy.  A big part was downhill; however, I needed to watch my footing.  When I spotted the camp situated in the village of Peaches, I was feeling strong as well as ecstatic!  I made it in in somewhere around 5 hours for the 22 miles. 


This camp is very unique.  The local villagers have given up their homes to house us.  The little children were so excited to receive one of our bracelets but were a little hesitant to come near me.  I was able to see myself in a mirror and now can imagine why.  They probably thought I had some disease because one little boy actually took a look at me and turned around screaming.  The good news is that I am feeling strong and ready for what tomorrow will thing I know for sure - it will be HOT!


Nutrition is exactly the same as the previous 2 days and going as planned.  Looking forward to writing about tomorrow’s adventure!

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