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Gobi March: Day One

Gobi March: Day One

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day one complete! Once again the race was filled with surprises. We woke up, had our briefings and started at 9:00 am. During the briefing we were told that there would be no climbing and that the stages will moderate.  So, off I went feeling excited through stage one, which I made in pretty good time (1 hr 15 min).  Stage 2 started going a bit uphill and the altitude also climbed, but I still finished in a respectable time.  Going into stage 3 (final stage for the day) we were met with an enormous vertical hill climb with the last 9 miles turning into a beasty surprise.  Not only did we experience more rises in altitude but a straight uphill ascent followed by treacherous downhill descents.  I fell twice! Luckily my rear end and backpack took must of the fall.  I came into the finish line holding my sleeping bag in hand as it had fallen out of my open pack...maybe it was a message from up above to lay down for a while.
Brian and Thomas both came in smiling and very happy to have finished their first day in the desert.  I am sure they will be posting blogs, adding their personal color to what is already becoming an amazing adventure.  We shared a moment at the starting line to remember Rich Craig.  I know he was with us here in spirit giving us that much-needed encouragement to continue on.  He is sorely missed.
My nutrition is right on.  Generation UCAN for breakfast, two bottles on the run and two bottles of water as well.  Today´s mileage = 20-miles! 

Off to bed will write again tomorrow.

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