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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Next thing on my agenda was to encourage and have others sign up to “race for our Run7on7 cause).  What I thought would be a difficult challenge turned out surprisingly well.  Six individuals, of varying backgrounds and physical abilities, stepped up.  Let me introduce to you the following that will be running along side me in order of the 4 Deserts dates:  


March – Atacama in Chile:           


Warrie Boyd of Del Ray Beach, Fl.  Warrie is a seasoned Ironman triathlete as well as a very accomplished marathoner.  I don’t think he will be along side of me in the Atacama but rather way out in front!!!


June – Gobi in China:                       


Thomas Griffin of Del Ray Beach, Fl.  Thomas is new to the endurance world, however, is not new to the marathon. He is excited about traveling to China and will be ready to take on the challenge.


Brian Doherty of Corral Springs, Fl.  Bryan the boyfriend of our daughter is a police officer and marathon runner.  Taking part in one of the 4 Deserts will prove to be for him, as well as all of us, a life changing adventure.  He just completed running 39 miles in one weekend for the first time and was amazed to find that his body was actually up to the task.


Rich Craig, Program Director for Caron Renaissance and a dear friend who I admired greatly was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident.  Rich had ran the Great Wall of China with me last year and was so excited to be going back to run the Desert there.  To say that he will be greatly missed is an understatement.  Every step that I take in that Desert will be one in his honor and I know that he will be looking down and encouraging us as we make our way to the finish line.


October – Sahara in Egypt:           


Michael Herbert of Boca Raton, Fl.  Michael ran the half marathon in Kenya, Africa last year and courageously stepped up to take on the Sahara.  Michael has worked hard to get himself physically fit, losing over 40 pounds so far, and has run a few more half marathons.  He should plough right through all those sand dunes!!


Afshin Karnama of Boca Raton, Fl. Is a Caron Renaissance Board Member who although never having been involved in an endurance event has diligently been training to be up for the task. 


Patty Vehmeyer of Jacksonville, Fl actually read an article about our cause, called to meet me wanting to get involved.  Never did she think that she would get involved to this degree, however, like Michael, she has lost over 40 pounds, run a few half marathons and will run her first marathon in April…the Boston Marathon!!!


John Crowley of Jacksonville, Fl a good friend & technology mentor to me signed up with a little trepidation.  He is becoming physically fit and I believe we may all need to watch out for him in the Desert…we’ll try to keep up!


November – Antarctica:            Just little ole me…when I complete all the other 3!


So, as you can see,’s mission to begin to initiate the “Mind Shift” needed so that the” Disease of Addiction” and “Recovery” throughout the world are accepted and talked about as any other “acceptable” disease has grown.  Together we are challenging ourselves physically while asking others to challenge themselves intellectually to create this positive shift.  Hiding under a rock (figuratively speaking) and pretending that it doesn’t happen to “good” people only leaves those suffering and their families and loved ones alone.  Together, along with your help and donations, we can make this positive shift a reality.


Next blog, Goofy (or not so Goofy) Challenge….stay tuned!

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Name: George

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I´m so sorry to hear about Rich!  I know that the Gobi Desert run will be especially emotional for you.  Rich will be with you every step of the way!

I´m looking forward to reading all about your desert journey.  I wish I could run alongside you (or even way behind you) in Antarctica again! 

Did Brian (Bryan?) run the Goofy with you?  That must have been so fun!  I need to write my Goofy Challenge recap, too.  I´m so sorry we couldn´t meet up for that.  

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