The Runner: Linda Quirk

Linda Quirk is running the world to raise money and awareness for drug and alcohol addiction treatment and long-term recovery. Linda experienced the devastating affects drugs can have on a family when her stepdaughter Katherine’s gripping meth addiction threatened to take her life and tear Linda’s family apart. Thankfully, Linda and her family were able to convince Katherine to seek professional *treatment – something Linda is forever grateful for. Realizing the lack of information available to parents, Linda realized she could help those in need while educating families all over the world about drug and alcohol addiction treatment and long-term recovery. She started with seven marathons on seven continents…

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Seven Marathons on Seven Continents

In 2008, Linda Quirk set out to run a marathon on each of the planet’s seven continents in hopes of raising one million dollars for a drug and alcohol treatment scholarships. She kicked off her mission with the Boston Marathon then went on to run The Great Wall of China, Kenya (Safaricom), Easter Island, Reykjavik, Melbourne and the freezing glaciers of Antarctica. She completed her seven on seven mission March of 2009, but was far from her raising her million dollar goal. So, she dreamed even bigger and announced to the world her attempt at history - to become the first woman to complete the 4 Deserts in under a year in 2010.

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The 4 Deserts

At 57-years old, Linda Quirk has trained harder than she’s ever trained in order to complete four, 155-mile foot races in under a year. She’s changed her diet, her running regime and even ran over 50 miles in one day with a 20 pound pack on her back. Linda’s attempt will take her across the Atacama (Chile), the Gobi (China), Sahara (Egypt) and finally, the Antarctica deserts. Join Linda as she attempts to make history and support her cause today.

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