Linda Quirk

To condition her 57-year old body to handle the extreme challenges of worldwide endurance marathons, Linda Quirk seeks the help of a variety of specialists whose tips and advice are featured below.

Watch Linda’s training videos and download her tips to learn how you too can start to train your body so that you’re Fit for Life as well.

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Running Coach: Keith Brantly

To learn the basic fundamentals of running, Linda has recruited her personal coach and Olympian Keith Brantly to help you out. Keith has over 15 years experience as a professional runner and has been a competitive runner for over three decades.

His easy to follow tips that will have you running like a pro in no time.

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Weight Training Coach: Jeffrey Fronk

Helping Linda to condition, tone and strengthen her muscles for the 4 Deserts is former NFL and AFL trainer Jeffrey Fronk. Jeffrey runs a highly successful studio in Jacksonville Florida with a high-profile roster of clients that includes professional golfer Vijay Singh.

His easy to follow tips that will get you back to the gym with an agenda.

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Nutritionist Coach: Bob Seebohar

Bob Seebohar is a sport dietitian, exercise physiologist, strength and conditioning specialist and a USA Triathlon Certified Elite Coach. He was previously the Director of Sports Nutrition at the University of Florida and most recently, a sport dietitian for the US Olympic Committee. He currently owns , Fuel4mance, which provides sports nutrition services to athletes of all ages and abilities.

Bob’s easy to follow tips will help you eat according to your level of workouts.

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Cross Training Coach: Jill

Jill is a USAC Certified Expert level coach, professional member of the American College of Sportsmedicine, and owner of Revolution Coaching, LLC. She has over 25 years experience working with athletes ranging from professional to recreational. Jill is Linda's cross-training coach and is dedicated to getting Linda in shape to run the 4 Deserts.

Her easy to follow tips will help you ride and run stronger.

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